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TLP Photography – what our clients would like to say

tlpphotography-08In more than a decade that TLP Photography has been taking photos of Atlanta and the people in our wonderful state, we have worked with hundreds, if not thousands of clients and some of them were kind enough to share with us and the world what they thought of our services.

When I first did business with TLP Photography, it was still this tiny photography studio run by a girl who knew what she wanted and what she can do while no one else realized this. Tiffany Parker worked alone at the time and she was such a force of nature, even back then. She was no more than 25 when I first visited her, looking to have some photos done of my parents for their 40th anniversary. They agreed to have their portraits done if the photographer would come to their house and Tiffany was more than ready to go the extra mile. She spent an entire day with them, taking photos all day while they were just living their lives. They agreed to sit down for a few photos in their living room and these photos I still have in my place, blow-up and so beautiful that they bring tears to my eyes every time I see them, especially since my parents died. Ever since, whenever I needed special photos of anything, I would just call up TLP Photography.

Hannah Stone, Atlanta, GA


My band released its first album in 2003. We wanted to have a professional do our covers and the booklet and we decided on TLP Photography. We saw some of their work and we knew that these are the people that could ensure that our band is presented in the best light possible. We worked together for a few days and then, for about a week, we did not heard a thing from them. That is when they came over, not just with the photos, but with a few concepts for the entire booklet. They had a graphic designer called Jeff working for TLP Photography back then and he did a few versions that he thought we’d like. And we sure did. In fact, it took us weeks to choose the best one. It was incredible work and it was far more than we hoped for at the time.

Howard Truppo, Lingering Nurses, Atlanta, GA


tlpphotography-07When my husband and I were getting married in 2009, we decided that we would have a nice, small, intimate wedding with just a few friends of ours and our parents. Still, we wanted to make sure that we have great photos of the wedding and we called TLP Photography to do them for us. Two teams of photographers came over and they were working the entire day. In the end, we had thousands of photos and the worst thing was that they were all just too beautiful to choose from. In the end, we had more than 400 photos, each more gorgeous than the last one.

Glenda and Silvio Fernitore, Atlanta

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TLP Photography – what we can do for you

If you thought that TLP Photography is just another photography studio, then you are very, very wrong. What we are is an artistic studio which uses the medium of photography to express the most intimate and the most unique moments in the lives of Atlanta and the state of [...] Continue Reading…

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TLP Photography – about our studio

TLP Photography is a boutique photography studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. We were founded in 1999 by Tiffany Lewis Parker, at the time a young photographer who moved to Atlanta from New York where she studied photography under some of the leading masters of photography.

At first, TLP Photography was [...] Continue Reading…

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